Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

I just wanted to add my two cents worth regarding Windows XP from what I've read about it from other (magazine) sources. I enjoy assembling and reassembling and upgrading PC's in addition to dabbling with digital photography. I have multiple operating computers and they are constantly being upgraded, changed, whatever. It's a hobby.

I don't care how good the imaging capabilities are for Windows XP if I cannot load enhancements on multiple machines as I can with current Windows versions. I own legitiamate licenses for Windows now (all versions back to 2.0), and will always keep it legitimate. But I will be darned if I am going to buy 14 copies of Windows XP and have to try to convince a tech rep to give me a new key code so I can possibly operate my system again as I make it better. In case you haven't noticed, contacting and communicating with tech services at Microsoft is no picnic as it stands right now.

I know you may not have responsibility for this area, but this extreme limitation on loading the OS to my machines will cause me to look elsewhere, keep my systems at the level they are for as long as I can, and influence my numerous PC friends to do the same. I hope you can transmit this message to the proper people. I know I am not alone in this feeling. I guess Microsoft can find a golden lining in a flop as well as in a success. It is a shame as this systems looks so intriguing.>

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