Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

Hi Rick,

I don't want to add any more flame regarding the registration and piracy issues here. But I would like to point out that without private software (or "shareware" among friends and families), Windows won't be as popular as it is right now, or at least the market share MS is enjoying right now. Actually, MS should thank all the private to spread their OSes all over the world to lead to the present stage of dominance. Sure, hardware price is another factor that give MS a dominating position, but don't forget that hardware prices used to be pretty expensive until recent years. But MS already enjoyed over 80% of OS market share since Windows 3.1 or even earlier. Why? Private PC software! This is why Linux can gain such a tremendous user base in such a short period of time, and UNIX can't. When something is free, it will drive people at least to try it. If they like it, they will keep it. This is the nature of human being. No matter how good your scheme is, you just can't change the human nature.

For the OS point of view, I would like to see it to integrate as many features as possible, only if they are useful. Just like the IE and Windows Media Player, the integration is so good that I stopped using Netscape and RealPlayer/Winamp for a long long time. (Well, I mean the WMP7, the original WMP is sucks.) So if the new digital camera/photo features in XP is a standalone app, then I hope you will make it more sophisticated, to the level that we don't have to purchase photo software at all. PhotoDraw comes with Office 2K is not a very useful photo application.

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