Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

Started Apr 23, 2001 | Discussions thread
OP Rick Turner [MS] Regular Member • Posts: 114
Re: Interface to the Web

I'm glad to say that Windows XP does have these features, and the plan is that the interfaces will be public and documented in the SDK & DEVX soon.

The feature is "publish to the web."


Pierre wrote:

What I'd like to see - it might already exists, is easyly available
documentation as to how to write/interface web site with the
wizard, so that it is possible for any Web developper to interface
with Windows XP and let people (or himself) publish digital picture

The "walled garden" idea of restricting this possibility to choosen
third party will kill the feature, while letting everyone interface
to the feature will make it a real success.

A simple protocol to do it would be nice too (something like a
plain XML document exchange for example)

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