Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

Rick Turner wrote:

If your hardware config changes significantly enough that the code can't
be sure it's the same computer, yes, you're right that the current plan is
you'd need to "move" your registration. I'm not defending this particular
point, only passing on what I believe is the current state of affairs.

I'm a geek. I am forever pulling and putting hardware in to my system. Espcially if I am teching a problem for my wife or a friend. It is not uncommon for me to pull my video and DVD cards out to put the video in to another PC to diagnose display issues.

I switch hard drives, memory, etc. That is a part of being a geek and playing with computers.

If an OS is going to hassle me when I do these things, then I will avoid that OS.

As I've said many times to friends and family (and even some of your co-workers), MS is where it is because it built better mouse traps. However, I think this time the trap is going to get MS. The registration process is going to hurt it.

I know a number of folks who have PCs that never connect to the outside world. These are stand alone system for very specialized work. My wife's laptop is that way. It has never been connected to the outside world. Having an OS that will require configuring and connecting to a web site to register will be more than she is willing to do.

I believe MS needs to re-evaluate this decision. Just like they are re-working .NET items to re-add some VB 6 functionality, they need to provide a means for folks to use the OS without connecting to their web site.

And I also agree with the poster who said the OS should not get in the way when and how I work.

That's all.



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