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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features


I don't run the XP beta, but if you're willing to think about a couple of features that would make me want to consider XP, a couple of suggestions:
1. support EXIF data.

2. Allow the image to be linked to a .icc profile, and convert from 1 profile to another (is this a Pro req?)
3. Allow huge spool files when I print at A3+, and make it as fast as possible

4. Allow colormanagement to done in windows/program or both, but assist in the prevention of double profiling.

5. Offer profiling services for monitor / printer / scanner / camera (perhaps an extra add-on that provides you the cards/sheets etc, ....ImagePlus?). Add-on should be priced very aggressively.
6. Allow me to point to a dir and say => make contact sheet for web or printer

7. Allow the user to optimize XP for image editing and printing, working with images eats RAM, so if the OS would have a instant 'very lean' mode, I wouldn't have to wait as much when editing images.

8. Like others have said, wizards might be a way of getting things done, but for me they do not provide me with work safisfaction. At best I do not learn, at worst I feel made dumb (like the OS knows what is right, I think not). Of course, for some tasks and users they are usefull, so offer me a choice here.

9. Support all the stuff I use ;-), might sound daft, but if printer/scanner etc. don't have XP drivers (or can use the 2000 ones) it won't take long to decide against. Same goes for my image editor. (If you want to know how the beta works, I'm afraid you'll have to provide the machine, current one cannot be risked for such a task :-).

Thanks for reading,


Rick Turner wrote:

I've been lurking around this wonderful site for a while. Thanks
for all the great content & information. I am the proud owner of a
Canon D30.

In any case, the reason I am posting today is the recently posted
review of Windows XP's digital camera/photo features. I am the UI
development lead for just about all the features mentioned in the
review, and personally wrote the Photo Printing Wizard. I wanted to
give something back to this site, and also get people's feedback on
our stuff (if people are willing).

A couple of ground rules:

(1) I can't be global technical support for Microsoft products, but
I'll help when/where I can.

(2) I'll eagerly accept any feedback, either positive or negative,
as long as it's polite.

(3) I can't always comment on future plans, but when/where I can, I

So any comments or questions? Fire away!



P.S. I also posted this info in the "News" forum but am trying to
move the discussion here as it seems to be the more obvious place
for it.

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