Snapshots, Lesson #4: Psychology and sRGB IIIa

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Snapshots, Lesson #4: Psychology and sRGB IIIa

A reminder on why the "snapshot lessons" are written, with the emphasis on the word "snapshot":

Lesson #3 is here:

I think quite a number of you may not be aware of the very potent COlor Mode III, aka sRGB IIIa - the manual says, on page 59, to be used for nature or landscape shots that will be printed as is ....

In my own layman terms, it makes things very colourful. So colourful, in fact, that I can't think of any other camera, prosumer or DSLR, that can match it. So colourful that, if you selected it to be applied to the wrong type of scene, you'd wish you never ever harboured the thought that the D70 cannot produce colourful pictures that could match prosumer cams.

This site further describes this colour mode as boosting reds, greens and blues: ... and you're thinking - where's the harm in that?

(1) I'll show you an example of when it works well
(2) I'll show you an example of when it doesn't work well, and why ...
(3) ... in this case, sRGB Ia should be used instead
(4) Off-topic, but I'll also show why a bounced flash does wonders
(5) I'll showl you again why I love sRGB IIIa, if used correctly

BTW, we're still at Auto WB -2, and EV +0.3 - it's not time to wean ourselves off that yet, unless you're certain you know when one needs to dial it down to EV 0, -0.3 or even -0.7.

(1) When it works well (sRBG IIIa, Hue -3)

Flowers, bugs, colourful street scenes where the colour accuracy of skin tones is secondary to capturing the burst of colour a scene has (oops, I've let out a little secret), and we'll also need someone to volunteer shooting Fall colours with it to see if it works, like this:

(2) When it doesn't work well, and psychology comes into play here (sRGB IIIa, Hue -3)

When a portrait-style human face is a major element in it. For some unfathomable reason, most of us can't stand a colourful human face (unless it's the face of a clown), even if the face appeared a split second next to the very same flower shot in (1):

(3) Can we do anything about it? I don't mind the colour of the flowers being reduced slightly, (sRGB Ia, Hue -3) ...
... as long as the colour of the face looks right (psychology again) :

(4) And one might want to throw in an SB-800 (sRGB Ia, Hue -3, SB-800, flash head pointed straight up at the ceiling, with a diffusion dome on, AA mode)

I hope you now understand the saying that lighting is (almost) everything in photography is frequently heard:

For now, I use the AA mode on the SB-800, because of:

(5) And finally, SRGB IIIa, SB-800 and Hue -3 in perfect harmony (Auto WB 0 for this one
Go get 'em colours this weekend, and see for yourself!

... and remember, as long as skin tone is not the main feature in the scene (think street parades and such), even a dreary office with fluorescent lighting can look colourful enough using sRGB IIa and Hue -3:

Also, do keep up with discussing your findings and opinions - they matter!

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