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Re: Thumbnail View (was: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features)

The thumbnails are cached on Windows XP and is displayed fast after
the initial view. I've never seen/heard displaying thumbnails in a
folder crashing/locking up Windows 2000. What type of images are

On W2k after the first viewing of a directory it does seem to display the thumbnails more quickly however its not quick enough! What I mean is that as you scroll down a directory it seems to load in more thumbnails. It start by showing the file icon and then replaces it with the thumbnail. In a directory with many files (jpg's maybe a tiff or two and a quicktime as I scroll down it seems to suddenly slow down even though I have just viewed the folder. Sometimes it slows down so much that I have to just kill that window from the task manager.

Thumbnail view is flexible system/folder wise.

When you open a folder and choose the thumbnail view, that is
remembered and will always show the files in thumbnail (or whatever
mode chosen) view from then on, until changed the next time. You
may do that for individual folders of choice.

You may also bring up the folder window's Tools-> Folder Options...
dialog box, switch to the View tab, and select Like Current Folder.
This will make all folders on your system display the files in the
same manner as the current folder (including display thumbnail

Yes I realise that, however I was more thinking in terms of an icon view. It would be great to be able to change the size of the thumbnails too. Some programs like nikon view and photoshop save the image as an icon file associated with that file. However other apps seem to often overwrite this with their own icons. ie. if you use quicktime say as a viewer... it would be good to force windows to ALWAYS show pics files as icons made from the image itself as apple does...

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