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Re: Service model for Windows

FYI on the media player/mp3 issue: I think the deal is that the new media player 8 with Win XP won't encode mp3s at greater than a 64K bitrate. I believe it will still play those recorded at any rate and other encoders will still work under XP, doubtless with the occasional compatibility problems associated with a new Microsoft O/S.

The reason they won't go any higher than 64k is partially because that is the cutoff point where, if they use any higher quality, they have to pay licensing fees to Fraunhofer (sp.?) Institute in Germany who owns the patent/copyright/whatever on the MP3 format. Basically, players can use the mp3 format for free, while encoders have to pay a small fee if they support higher quality than 64K, and Microsoft would naturally want to avoid that fee and steer people towards their own proprietary format.

I doubt Microsoft Win XP and their proprietary compressed audio format will do much to blunt the popularity of MP3s. I plan to cheerfully ignore them and continue using MusicMatch Jukebox and Winamp! I also have standalone CD players in my car and at work that play MP3 CD-ROMs.

Anyway, a thousand pardons for having strayed so far from the subject of digital photography!


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