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Re: Thumbnail View (was: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features)

gabriel white wrote:

Surely windows is grown up enough now to have icons displaying an
image ALL the time (as the mac has done since year dot). The
thumbnail view is good, though sometimes crashes or locks up on w2k
on my machine. IT can be a bit slow. I dont know if the thumbnail
view saves a cache for each directory but it should do. It need to
be faster really.

The thumbnails are cached on Windows XP and is displayed fast after the initial view. I've never seen/heard displaying thumbnails in a folder crashing/locking up Windows 2000. What type of images are those?

Better than that though, image icons should have an option (maybe
on a per/directory basis) to ALWAYS display a small thumbnail of
the image as its icon (so then its viewable in all modes such as
details, just as the mac does). This would be in addition to the
thumbnail view which is different as it displays a larger view.
Would be cool to have thumbnail views of movies too (maybe
activated when the cursor passes over them...??)

Thumbnail view is flexible system/folder wise.

When you open a folder and choose the thumbnail view, that is remembered and will always show the files in thumbnail (or whatever mode chosen) view from then on, until changed the next time. You may do that for individual folders of choice.

You may also bring up the folder window's Tools-> Folder Options... dialog box, switch to the View tab, and select Like Current Folder. This will make all folders on your system display the files in the same manner as the current folder (including display thumbnail view).

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