Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

gail wrote:

I know how hard you all work at Microsoft. A relative of mine works
for the company.

I must admit that I am confused why you equate registering a
product with the (obviously) painful technical support calls you
have had to endure. They are not (to me, at least) the same issue.
Am I missing something fundamental in what you're saying?

I understood the registration process to involve a call (with
visions of call menuing, on-hold, etc.) But there are other issues
which make the registration process distasteful.

Microsoft will force me to call them if I purchase the new system
and it needs to be reinstalled, yet they will not (currently) speak
with me when I have their OS if it comes preinstalled on on a new

When I had problems with WME on my new computer, particularly it's
sluggishness, low resources and error messages, I called Microsoft.
They would NOT let me talk with MS technical support about the OS.
I had to call the manufacturer where I purchased the computer,
whose tech support gave wrong advice. It resulted in many hours
over a period of days to fix the problem (including a clean
reinstall). I do not believe this would have happened if I spoke
directly with MS support. (I also spent hours online searching the

In other words, I have your newest consumer OS, but I am not
allowed talk to Microsoft tech support. So why should I be thrilled
about a new system, particularly when I'm going to have to go thru
a re-registration process!

P.S. I don't blame you for not letting Microsoft know how your
issue was fixed.

Perhaps you can relate the problem: using the "clean up" feature in
system config utility deletes the optical mouse driver.



I am going linux ...

I have been in the computer business for 14 years now. I have a very small company and 50% of my clients do not have an internet connection or even a modem. You mean to tell me that I will have to register every time that I reinstall ? How will I do that ? Calling microsoft every time ? You must be mad over there in "microland"

My own machine is a mutant that goes thrue major changes every 2 months or so. When my clients change machines they usualy leave me some old junk and parts that I use on my machine just for the fun of it. Will I have to register every time I change the motherboard or the processor or some other minute card ?

Are you aware that often time the fastest thing to do to correct a problem is to simply reinstall. Most machine gets full of software junk not written to spec that overide your settings or worse overwrite your dll, vbx and other files over time (because windows does not protect it's system files). Reinstall is the thing to do. Will Microsoft be able to handle the rererereregistration process of all those rererereinstallation ? If not how long will my client machine will be down? There is a lot of mission critical machine out there that get trashed by bad software.


P.S. Should'nt we be talking about digital pictures, cameras and features

P.P.S. I hope pshop will release a native Linux version soon

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