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Re: 357 days late buddy! You missed their sale :)


RobE wrote:

Philip Loyd wrote:
This is wrong, they are selling the 70-200 for 1999.00. Link below.


EF 70-200 mm f/2.8L IS USM Camera Lens

Bobbie2 wrote:


Here is the Dell link for the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS lens. There
are several Canon lenses listed- the 70-200mm is close to the
bottom of the page. Below is the part number and other info shown
on the lens.


EF 70-200 MM F/2.8 L IS
Dell Part #: A0166172 ~ Manufacturer Part #: 7042A002

Add to Orderform
5-7 Days$1,299.95

EF 70-200 MM F/2.8 L IS

Dell Part #: A0166172 ~ Manufacturer Part #: 7042A002

5-7 Days $1,299.95

Dell has an additional deal going right now for online orders for
an additional 10% discount on all digital(Ithink digital.....),
just be sure to mention this to the salesman and be sure that you
get this additional discount. Also there is free shipping for
second or third day, I believe. Since I ordered via phone, I
don't know how the 10% discount and free shipping is handled on an
online order for you to take advantage of those discounts.

Hope this helps. All of us that have ordered this lens from Dell
are keeping our fingers crossed that the orders will be filled. I
notice on their web page that they say shipping will be 5-7 days.
Those that ordered were told the lens would ship on or before
October 1st. Fingers crossed that this is for real!

Hope this info helps you get to the Accessory site to place your


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