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Daniel Lauring
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partitioning shareware

There is shareware partition software out there. I recall downloading some a while ago. In the end I upgraded my Partition Magic and used that because I knew I could trust it. I can't recall where I found the partitioning utility. Try doing a web search.


ypofero wrote:
The only way to partition a disk into NTFS and FAT32 in the same
disk that I know is to use a utility like Partition Magic, and I
don't want to spend like 80 dollars (I think) buying it. Does
anyone know a cheaper or free way to partition disks?


Josh wrote:

ypofero wrote:

Unfortunately, I can't use NTFS since I'm using Boot Magic and
multiple OS's in the same partition. NTFS is not supported by BM.
But thanks anyways.

I had BootMagic booting to my NTFS (win 2K pro) / Linux / BeOS,
though they were on seperate partitions. The only trick is that
BootMagic had to be on a small FAT partition.

I've also used . Its free and works great.


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