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Daniel Lauring
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Printer and other wizards.

Agreed. One of the big problems with Wizards is they don't teach men to fish...but give them fish. I always wonder what the heck the wizard is doing exactly and how I could duplicate it with the standard menu.

It would be better if there was a wizard interface, that as it asked the questions it showed the alternative method...highlighting the boxes it was filling in so the user would know how to do it the non-wizard way next time. A split screen with the "wizardease" on the left and the printer option menu on the right might work. As you answered wizard questions, on the left, you could see how that selected or filled in the choices on the printer option menu, on the right. It would even be neater if you could swap, back and forth, between the two methods on the fly.


KanedaF3 wrote:

Nothing specific, just a general comment on the interface.

I hate Wizards. I have always hated wizards.

When I want to do something with the computer, I want to do it.
I don't want the computer to ask me one or two questions at a time
and maybe leave out a few options I did want.

Wizards are good because I know that many people don't know as much
about computers as my crowd, but along with the wizards I think
there should be a more technical way to do things. A screen
covered in options for the people that know what the options are
would be great.

Don't spend all of your time making it easy for people that don't
want to learn. Spend some time adding in some really great options
that pros/experts will appreciate.

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