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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features


I've been using Beta 2 for quite some time, and I really like what I see- though I am a Linux fanatic. It detected all my hardware properly(except for my Kodak webcam) including my two wierd network cards. Agreed the system still has many bugs ( I discovered 3 within a few days ), but it should be a great release at the end of the year.

I especially like the printing wizard. Makes life relatively simple. I did not have to fiddle around much to get proper color matching with my Canon inkjet printer (which was also properly detected and installed). The paper/printing choices are excellent - even my computer illiterate grandma can print professional prints - hats off!

Does Microsoft plan to provide drivers for all digicams out there ? When I conencted my Canon G1, it searched the net for drivers and came up with a blank. What are the plans wrt. driver support for digital cameras? An explorer like interface to browse the G1 would be excellent.

Great job guys!


Rick Turner wrote:

I've been lurking around this wonderful site for a while. Thanks
for all the great content & information. I am the proud owner of a
Canon D30.

In any case, the reason I am posting today is the recently posted
review of Windows XP's digital camera/photo features. I am the UI
development lead for just about all the features mentioned in the
review, and personally wrote the Photo Printing Wizard. I wanted to
give something back to this site, and also get people's feedback on
our stuff (if people are willing).

A couple of ground rules:

(1) I can't be global technical support for Microsoft products, but
I'll help when/where I can.

(2) I'll eagerly accept any feedback, either positive or negative,
as long as it's polite.

(3) I can't always comment on future plans, but when/where I can, I

So any comments or questions? Fire away!



P.S. I also posted this info in the "News" forum but am trying to
move the discussion here as it seems to be the more obvious place
for it.

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