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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

Rick, Take a look at Photo Record, which ships with the G1 and may ship with the D30. It is a fairly nice photo-printing program. It will automatically layout print pages based on a few simple rules and allows you to drag the photos to final printing positions. I know you can not mimic the behavior for copyright reasons but should get some good ideas.

Comment on OS registration. I work at a college with over 500 public access computers. We use Norton Ghost to place system images on systems. We have licenses for every piece of software on each system and can prove it. Our users regularly trash the systems and we have to push the image back onto the systems. If this capability is taken away from us we will make a clay model of Mr. Bill and squash regularly just like on Saturday night live!

Yes XP comes with some distribution tools. Frankly the third party tools have and probably will always work better than Microsoft tools and Microsoft should be darn happy that they are they’re supporting their products and not squash them. (Do we hear anti-trust?)

I’m glad you are asking for suggestions and I am glad to have a chance to give you imput. It is very hard to comment on a product that I have not yet seen. The marketing is wonderful as usual. It is a Microsoft strong point. I listen to all the XP hype and get excited. Then I put my feet back on the ground and ask this question: I’m running Win98SE fully patched at home and in the office. Both copies are rock solid. The only time I see a blue screen is when I load DOS edit. Why should I upgrade?


Rick Turner wrote:

I've been lurking around this wonderful site for a while. Thanks
for all the great content & information. I am the proud owner of a
Canon D30.

In any case, the reason I am posting today is the recently posted
review of Windows XP's digital camera/photo features. I am the UI
development lead for just about all the features mentioned in the
review, and personally wrote the Photo Printing Wizard. I wanted to
give something back to this site, and also get people's feedback on
our stuff (if people are willing).

A couple of ground rules:

(1) I can't be global technical support for Microsoft products, but
I'll help when/where I can.

(2) I'll eagerly accept any feedback, either positive or negative,
as long as it's polite.

(3) I can't always comment on future plans, but when/where I can, I

So any comments or questions? Fire away!



P.S. I also posted this info in the "News" forum but am trying to
move the discussion here as it seems to be the more obvious place
for it.

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