Rio Carbon 5GB Success mwahahaha!

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Re: Rio Carbon 5GB Success Additional Notes.


Also "raped" my Carbon. Very easy. Open from the back. Less damage. Replaced the 5gb with the Hitachi 2gb. So, now have 2Gb MP3 player and a 5Gb camera drive...

Here's the story on putting cards back in. (From a RIO Engineering person)

1st. They know folks are doing this. They don't seem to mind right now. They hate to see it get used that way, but, it's a sale for them either way.

2nd. Was stated to me that the CF II type Mini-disk is indeed a standard Seagate mini-disk that'll be available retail soon. It's NOT locked to IDE mode, so can be reformatted CF mode. (Like we didn't know)

3rd. To put a card back in, it has to meet the following criteria...
a. Cannot be "standard CF memory" (Reasons below)

b. Cannot be the Creative Labs 340 Microdrive, can't be the IBM 340Mb or 1Gb Microdrive, Cannot be the Magicstor 2.2gb microdrive.

c. CAN be ANY of the Hitachi series. Retail, OEM or ripped from IPOD mini/Muvo, etc.

The reasons are that the CF memory, and the earlier Microdrive and Magicstor drive are locked to CF mode or NEVER had the IDE mode built in. The IPOD and the Carbon require the drive to be in IDE mode.

Sidenote, the reason you can use the new Muvo (4gb locked) or IPOD mini drive in the Carbon is because they are SOFTWARE LOCKED into IDE mode and not CF mode. (Which is why you can't use them in a camera)

He also stated that the Seagate drives, in 2.5Gb, 5Gb and soon possibly higher will be available in the Retail channel within 3 months. (By end of year) and that Seagate told them that the price will be under $200 for the 5Gb and about 1/2 that for the 2.5Gb.

My note-That should put a "hurtin" on Hitachi's Microdrive retail sales!!!!

Hope this helps and saves some folks the trouble of finding a CF unit that works....

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