What is your favourite trick?

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Color cast correction

Color correction for PS CS

Duplicate background
Filter> blur> average
Image> Adjustments> Invert
Change blending mode to "color"
Change opacity to about 50%
Add saturation with Hue/Sat adjustment layer

I read that trick above at this same forum about a month ago. Someone posted a night shot of a building. Many tried to WB after the fact. The above method was also described.

But I fail to see how it will work

The idea is that if there is a cast of a particular color, you should add some percentage of that opposite color back again to get a correct WB.

So the theory is that you take an average of the pic, get the inverse color and add that to the main pic.

But the problem is in the way the method above tries to decide what is the color cast.

Suppose you get a slight blue cast of a picture of Orange, the average will be mostly orange. Suppose you get same blue cast of a picture of a Green Apple, the average will be mostly green ie we could not isolate the blue cast

Average of a pic is not same as average of the cast on a pic !!

I had suggested use of a "Filter" and you can try and guess the filter color and percentage which is real time and more intutive than abover method.

So my humble contribution to this great tread could be : Warm up outdoor pics using a warming Filter.


Does great for skin tones and grass green on outdoor pics, especially JPGs

( Most people correct color casts during RAW conversion hence there is less need of a filter)

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