Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features


I know how hard you all work at Microsoft. A relative of mine works for the company.

I must admit that I am confused why you equate registering a
product with the (obviously) painful technical support calls you
have had to endure. They are not (to me, at least) the same issue.
Am I missing something fundamental in what you're saying?

I understood the registration process to involve a call (with visions of call menuing, on-hold, etc.) But there are other issues which make the registration process distasteful.

Microsoft will force me to call them if I purchase the new system and it needs to be reinstalled, yet they will not (currently) speak with me when I have their OS if it comes preinstalled on on a new computer.

When I had problems with WME on my new computer, particularly it's sluggishness, low resources and error messages, I called Microsoft. They would NOT let me talk with MS technical support about the OS. I had to call the manufacturer where I purchased the computer, whose tech support gave wrong advice. It resulted in many hours over a period of days to fix the problem (including a clean reinstall). I do not believe this would have happened if I spoke directly with MS support. (I also spent hours online searching the KB).

In other words, I have your newest consumer OS, but I am not allowed talk to Microsoft tech support. So why should I be thrilled about a new system, particularly when I'm going to have to go thru a re-registration process!

P.S. I don't blame you for not letting Microsoft know how your
issue was fixed.

Perhaps you can relate the problem: using the "clean up" feature in system config utility deletes the optical mouse driver.



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