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Re: Cricket

Kent C wrote:

Roger104 wrote:

Hi Cricket,
That is a dumb question no doubt but here goes, if I download one
of the actions in your thread or if I buy one of Fred Miranda's
actions, a dialog box opens click save where do I save it too
(adobe 7.0) and where will it show up when I want to use it on
adobe 7.0 I never used downloaded actions and I could use advice.


Not Cricket but:

How to get, save and load actions:


And no, it doesn't have to go in the Adobe path. In fact, in case
you have to reinstall for some reason, it's better somewhere else.


I download them to a folder in "My documents". Usually, these actions come zipped and I keep the zipped version in this folder. (The few that download unzipped, I keep a copy there anyway.)

This proved to be a big advantage to me because:

1. My old computer kept crashing and needing to be reformatted. Each tiem, I went to that folder and reinstalled all my actions into Photoshop> Presets> Photoshop Actions.

2. I finally got a new computer. When I transferred my documents to it, all my actions were in a central place and I was able to unzip and re-install in my new computer and new version of PS.

Other considerations: if you have PS7, there is a limit to the number of actions (they call them action sets) that you are allowed to have. You don't know ahead of time that you are about to hit that limit, you just know you did. I suddenly discovered actions on fine day and went on a downloading spree. The actions palette froze up (the little side arrow wouldn't open). Diagnosis: action overload. So I had to remove some and put them in another folder outside of PS7 (I called it Kate's Unisntalled Actions ). If I wanted to use one of these, I would make it switch places with one of the "installed" actions.

Having acquired a treasure trove of actions that was getting hard to keep track off and handle, I came across a thread that mentioned a small program called ACTION DEX. What a find! It allows me to run my actions from there as well as from PS.

Its got two features that I love: First, I can group and sort my actions (even actions that come in multiple action groups) into categories that I define. I've put all my actions dealing with frames, or watercolors, or sharpening, or exposure corrections, text effects--on and on. Now I can look at all my sharpening technique actions and select the one I think would be best.

The second feature is that I can save a sample photo to show a small version of how an image looks after running the action. This way I know in advance if this action can do the effect that I want for my image. I just click "preview" and decide if that's the action I'm looking for.


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