Digital Rebel Owners Review of the 20D

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Re: Digital Rebel Owners Review of the 20D

I can't think of a better way to describe the shutter other then "Tingy."

I went into a pitch black room where the only light was from my digital alarm clock. I was able to get relativly fast autofocus on things lying around the table and floor from the light off the clock. That to me, was simply amazing.

More Samples are coming soon (tonight!)

matt kim wrote:
Thanks for your review.

So are you saying that the sound of the mirror slap is LOUDER on a
20D than 300D?

Can you elaborate on the low light focusing differences between the
two cameras? examples?

Can you post couple comparison shots at ISO 1600? Like a portrait
by a lamp light?

Christopher97 wrote:

This Camera is FAST!!!
1. Turn on time is Instant. Wake up time is instant.
2. Build quality is MUCH better then the Rebel. Weight feels about
the same.
3. Shutter speed is louder, has a "tingy" sound compared to the rebel.
4. Low light autofocus is absolutley amazing! Better then any
camera I have ever used!
4. This is kinda wierd...In burst mode I can get 6 Raw images. In
one shot mode taking pictures one right after another as fast as
the camera can take em, I can always get up to 14 Raw images before
the camera says busy. That should be acceptable to anybody IMHO.
Now, that is RAW only, not any of the RAW+jpg options (there are
5. View finder seems larger then the Rebel. Nice and birght, no
problems there.
6. Joystick is a little gimmicky. So far, it has only been useful
in review mode. I have not needed it in anything else. (Did I just
make it obvious that I skipped the manual?)

here are unedited samples. More to come!!!
They are all handheld with 28-135IS.
If you have any questions or concerns, let me know ASAP. I will
answer what I can!

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'There's no such thing as objectivity. The minute you pick up the camera, you begin to lie -- or tell your own truth. It's not the camera that makes a good picture, but the eye and mind of the photographer .' -- Richard Avedon.

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