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Re: Do you mean that

NC and ACR process images from their raw form very differently. NC takes into account in-camera settings, such as curves, and generally produces an image that is sharper, contrastier, with more vivid colors, but slightly more noise than ACR. The ACR images take a little more work to achieve a similar result.

RaymondC wrote:
I opened the same image in each program, Capture and Photoshop.
Both have the same color management setup I have attached the
screenshot of both Adobe and Capture's color management settings.
The only difference is that the Adobe image must go through the
CameraRaw plugin. I set the CameraRaw settings to give me the
"Camera Default" settings, and I obtain the duller image. It's
almost like the Nikon software either "pre-edits" the image in some
way...or the adobe CameraRaw is doing something that I am not aware
of. Its very odd though, if I open the image in Paint Shop Pro
(yet a third program) I obtain the Nikon Capture results. This
again makes me think that its an adobe problem. Maybe someone
could look at my screenshot from the Adobe settings and CameraRaw
and make a suggestion.

Adobe Settings:


Nikon Capture


Iliah Borg wrote:

I am thinking that it may have something to do with the adobe
camera raw settings, vs the converter used in the Capture software.

one image was processed from NEF through Adobe CameraRAW pluging;
and the other - through Nikon Capture?

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