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Re: Two portrait tricks...

Vivek_DPR wrote:

This did not work so dramatically for me. Maybe my model had fairly
smooth skin anyway.

However, this technique also chages the color of everything else
around it. Maybe the skin has to be selected first ?

Hmm... did you change the blending mode to luminosity? There is an increase to the luminosity (brightness) of reds and greens - but no change to the tone of any color - depending on the photo you could perceive this as a change of color. You could try more extreme numbers also (e.g. +145, 0, -50) to make the change more obvious.

Viewing the channels one at a time on a close-up of the skin, specially the red and blue, should also give you a pretty good indication of how much it will soften the skin.

Also... like everything else, this may not work on all photos - it is simply an alternative to the usual blurring techniques that softens with less loss of detail - you may prefer blurring which does not change the luminosity of colors at all.

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