Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

Gail --

At this time there are no plans to redistribute the wizard to any other Microsoft OS's. There are a lot of reasons for this -- not the least of which is that the technology the photo printing wizard is built on is only included in Windows XP.

As for the registration -- it's painless, it doesn't require typing in anything (your name, etc.), and it's not for info gathering on Microsoft's part. You will have to register each time you do an install of the OS. However, the ONLY reason Microsoft requires registering is to validate that you've got a licensed copy of Windows XP. If you don't like this feature -- then the best course of action is to be a strong and vocal advocate against software piracy. The amount of pirated software (both MS & non-MS) is staggering. Imagine trying to make your living as a photographer except that about half the people who use your images stole them with no compensation to you.


gail wrote:

Rick Turner wrote:

Gary -

It works as a standalone "app" from the Windows level.

Since the wizard will work as a standalone application, do you know
at this point if one will be able to download it to their exisitng
OS, such as W98 or W ME (similar to downloading Microsoft Media

I ask this for the following reason: the printing wizard sounds
great but I doubt I will buy into Windows XP because of the
expected registration and reregistration scheme. If I understand
the issue correctly, I do not want to have to call Microsoft every
few times should I need to reinstall the OS.

THanks, gail

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