What is your favourite trick?

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To find the whitest whites point, and the darkest darks, make a THRESHOLD adjustment layer and put the slider on the point right before it's plugged, (white) or completely opened, (black).

For example, slide the black over to the left to it's farthest point to find the blackest area.
You would then use the POINT SAMPLE tool and press down the SHIFT key and click.

That will place a point sample on the darkest part, of course you'd need to have open your COLOR INFO window.
Do the same for the white, and balance the colors to your tastes.
Turn off the adjustment layer or delete it.

This may not come in handy for all, but it works when doing the color-corrections for clients, I rarely use it anymore at home.
I hope that makes sense.


French connection wrote:

Hello all!
What is your favourite ttrick to enhance pics in one or two (max
3steps) in PS?

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