Difference between Intuos and Graphire tablets ?

Started Sep 10, 2004 | Discussions thread
Lucem Senior Member • Posts: 1,913
Warning about prolonged EMF exposure.

I own an Intus digitizing tablet, and I did used as mouse, puck and pen.

Its quite accurate and is hard to go back to a mouse, even optical ones after you get used to it.
After constant use I got concerned about the prolonged exposure to the EMF.
EMF are supposely bening, since nobody has found evidence to say otherwise.

But I decide to err at the safer side, especially with this thing where you are so close and constantly exposed to the EMF it generates.

So I ended up getting an optical mouse, and use the tablet only when precision is needed.

I'd gladly hear if somebody can dissmiss this radiations concerns.

BTW. Wacom is an excellent company, they are great for the software and customer support, not to mention the quality of the hardware.

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