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Re: Help with this shot

Billy Hay wrote:

Ok guys this is my first shot i have ever sold and have had it put
in print(News paper).So i would like to have it framed with the
news paper.
But i would like to pop it up a bit so have any of you genius
people got any ideas ? for me to do this.I would like to somehow
fix the blown out colour of the sky in the top of the image just a
little bit(do you think that would make it look unnatural)and mybe
give the lightning a bit more wow.
This image was taken in very heavy rain at night.

First pick original straight from camera

Unsharp Mask
Amount: 127%
Radius: 58 pixels
Threshold: 0

Used layer mask to darken top part of the sky

Shadow: Parameters
Amount: 58%
Tone Width: 34%
Radius: 71
Highlight: Parameters
Amount: 33%
Tone Width: 59%
Radius: 58
Contrast: 34
Color Correction: 38

Selective color (absolute checked)

tweaked blues, and whites to get the sky color, then history brush to restore white on lightening.

Neat image, standard sampling and apply.

Flattened then duped layer and set at Multiply 59% with adjust tones with layer mask.

Flattened. Levels bringing end arrows in to 'hill' and lightened with middle slider.

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