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Daniel Jiao New Member • Posts: 12
Be careful when you buy from!

Well, be careful when you order from, I ordered a Sandisk Ultra II 512M from them a month ago, it took them almost two weeks to tell me that it's on back order and when I indicated I do not want it anymore, they told me it was shipped, then it was another two weeks after I have refused the package before they finally acknowledged that they will credit my account. I sent numerous emails to their cumstomer support but only got two replies.

The problem with is that they do not list their customer service phone number and if you manage to find their phone number (877-780-2464, you will need this in case you order gets stuck), you will be connected to somebody in India. Just look the recent comments on ( ) and you will know what I am talking about (all Very Dissatisfied).

I am interested to know how your shopping experience turned out.


kkay2000 wrote:
Thanks, Ron! I was looking for another good deal after ZipZoom
deal on the 512 mb a couple of weeks ago. Since I'm in no hurry
after receiving the 512, I opted for the slow but free shipping.
No tax too!


RonHrl wrote:

I just bought one for $95.99 (free shipping) at

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