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Re: Programs for CP9xx / rewiring cables

Hi Davis, Hi Per.

To sumurarize, please find below the usb/serial Nikon connector pinning.

I suppose we only need to connect the 3 first pins (starting from the upper left). The second gnd is probably interconnect with the other inside the coolpix.

David i'm really interested by your idea to have a dual usb - serial cable.

On my side, i'm thinking about a solution to create an "home made" connector with only 3 pins and certainly a design a little bit worth than the Nikon one.
If i find something i will give you more explanations.


dh wrote:

Frankly, I haven't decided about the future status of the programs
My own thinking of the programs is highly biased, so I'll pay a lot of
attention to the feedback I recieve from the test.

Greetings Per,

Fantastic work! I am going to hack up my USB cable to try these
out. Thanks for telling us about the cable wiring too. I love the

Is there any help you need? I would be -very- interested in helping
to get your programs working under Linux/ BSD too and also with the

Great picture of MrBlueTit on the ruler!

By the way, the plug on the camera end of the USB cable does
have all the pins and solder tags in it so after some removing
of the inside epoxy/plastic/glue stuff it should be possible to make
a dual purpose cable. I will post some pictures when I'm further
along. The outer "pretty" plastic shell can be split on one side
and opened like a clam shell - it is some inner molded plastic
"tar" that is a bit more troublesome but I'm making progress.

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