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You don't understand. feivel is an "artiste", and would never stoop so low as to use an "auto" function.

It would be much like a 19 year old boy buying a Corvette with automatic transmission. It just isn't done.

mandrake wrote:

feivel wrote:

you could
you could also do auto levels
you could also move the ends of the line in curves to the right and
theres lots of ways to do any one thing in ps
the problem with autocontrast is that you cant watch the picture or
the clipping display (when holding the alt key) if there are
important pixels before the "hill"

It shouldn't matter. Auto-contrast and auto-levels will not clip
any detail at all if your default setting tells it not to. My
understanding of the difference between auto-levels and
auto-contrast is that auto-levels will move the sliders in to the
lightest light and darkest dark in each color channel
independently, and auto-contrast will move them in the same amount
in each channel, using the darkest dark and the lightest light
overall. If you're only moving the sliders in to the point where
you don't clip any information, just set clipping off and use
whichever auto-xxx that does what you want.

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