What is your favourite trick?

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Clarification provided

Hi Isabel:

Thanks for asking. If it wasn't quite clear to you, it probably wasn't for other folks.

Painting B or W on adjustment layers works the same way as it does on layer masks added to regular layers. In this case no layer masks are involved...just the adjustment layers themselves, which are added above the target layer(s).

Try this extreme example:

  • Add a Hue/Sat adjustment layer above any color Background

  • Set Saturation to -100 and close the dialog

  • Set foreground color to black and choose a hard edged brush

  • Flow = 100%, Opacity = 100%

  • Where you paint black on the adjustment layer the effect is suppressed

revealing the color from the BG below

  • Ctrl + I to invert the mask

  • Ctrl + I again to put it back the way it was

  • Switch to white and paint to "undo"

Black and white are the extremes (100% conceal or 100% reveal). By airbrushing black on a white mask or white on black mask results in various degrees of gray (somewhere in between B/W) for controlled applicaiton.

Does this help?

Isabel Cutler wrote:
Good observation Danny...are you talking below of a layer mask or a
selection? I assume layer mask.

dannyraphael wrote:

Great thread. Great idea. I don't believe I read this one among
this collection.

It's not unusual for an image to need color or toning adjustments
in specific areas, not overall. This is my I approach to these

  • Add the appropriate adjustment layer (Levels, Curves, Hue/Sat, etc.)

  • Apply the adjustment to correct/enhance the areas that need it.

usually results in messing up areas that don't need fixing.)

  • Ctrl + I (to invert the mask and "undo" the effect)

  • Airbrush with white in desired areas to (again) reveal the

layer's effect. Airbrushing allows you to control the degree of
application depending on need. (Paint black to "undo" if you overdo
it.) You can fine tune by tweaking the adjustment layer's opacity
or trying different layer blend modes.


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