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Re: Programs for CP9xx

Didier wrote:

Hi per.
(Excuse me for my poor english speaking...)

HI Didier
Likewise here, My danish is much better than my english,
not to mention my french...

Thank you for all the good work you did.

I'm very intereted in your solution to control a coolpix 880 from a
PC. I visited your web site with a very big interest (your
softwares are now inside my harddrive ready to be used).
I have try to buy a sc-ew3 serial cable... But nikon-France can't
give me any delay before 2 or 3 months, and after i don't how
longer it will be !
I also asked Nikon-usa, but the answer was approximatly the same.

I waited quite a long time to get my cable as well, but assumed it
was a danish problem (small market place e.t.c.) with back ordering.

I feel bad about not beeing able to offer USB at the moment.

I'm electronician, and having so much problems and spending so much
money for a little cable with only 4 wires make me a little bit
nervous. Now i really want to try to do it myself.

Have you got the sc-ew3 serial cable pinning shematic ?

Sure, I just checked with my multimeter, it's connected like this:

I will be really happy, if somebody who already have one sc-ew3
cable can measure it (with an ohmmeter for instance) to anderstand
wich pins are connected together from one connector to the other.

The 1st step is to get this information, the 2nd step will be to
find a way plug something compatible inside the specific coolpix
usb/serial connector (an other very hard task i suppose...)

I know how you feel. I spend some time trying to get the plug
elsewhere, while waiting for my cable. The danish price is rip off
as well. All I got was messages saying that it is a proprietary Nikon

Hope you find a sulution. In the meantime I will be nagging on myself
about the USB

Best regards


Thank you again.

Per Madsen wrote:
Hi Kevin,

Your memory serves you allright. The little plug,
that goes into the CP990 has eight pins.
Four of them are fed through to the USB
connector and the other four are used
in the serial cable.

I had to wait pretty long to have my
serial cable in Denmark. Rather anoying
to know that Rx and Tx was just sitting
in the little plug waiting for me.

Likewise I'm looking forward to hearing your

Best regards


Kevin Highsmith wrote:

Can't wait to try them. I ordered my serial cable last night -
should be here by the end of the week.

If my memory serves - we have to use serial cable because the USB
lacks signals for Tx and Rx. Is that how that works?

Anyway - looking forward to playing with the new toy - I'll let you
know how it works.

Thanks again,

Per Madsen wrote:

For a while I have been programming for my CP950 and -990.
I wanted a remote shutter with short lapse time interval.
I wanted a motion detector and a sound detector to fire the camera.

When it seemed to work as I wanted, I thought - why not dress it up
and have some of my fellow photographers see it. Maybe some off them
will even help to criticise and test it....

So - with a little shaky mouse click - here it is.
I've put together a web site for the purpose with programs ready
for downloading.
If everything looks like Swahili, it's just genuine Danish -
click on the English button at top right.


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