What is your favourite trick?

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Re: What is your favourite trick?

This is the routine I follow with a new photo:

(first I think would be white balance which I do with my camera's software)
1. Levels: set black,white,gamma (Ctrl-L)

2. Guick saturation adjustments.

3. Run Unsharpen Mask 60,20,0. click a undo back and forth to decide if this is an improvement. USM 60,20,0 is not really sharpening, but a way to reduse grayness or haziness from the image. It will burn any borderline highlights, so be careful! (i've made this an action, so it is always a click away).

Tom Bennett wrote:
Selective color neutral and black It is overlooked a lot and it can
really put that final touch to your perfect picture

French connection wrote:

Hello all!
What is your favourite ttrick to enhance pics in one or two (max
3steps) in PS?

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