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london by night

i had the chance to head out tonight all by myself, and i must say, as much as i enjoy shooting with a friend, it's nice to get out on my own, too. i really get in a zone, and i tonight i thoroughly enjoyed myself. i even skipped dinner! those of you who know me, know that that is a big sacrifice

many of us get the opportunity to tourist-y photography. i find, that when i'm in a tourist-y sort of place, i look for new ways to shoot what's been shot a zilliion times.. and which i could just buy shots of in the gift shop. so i resist those standard shots, and go for scenes that are a little harder to get or that require a bit of creatiivity or going that extra mile for. nightshots are a good example, and if you are going on vacation i strongly urge you to bring a tripod and get out at night - it's a whole new perspective, and your travel photos will get wow results back home when you share them this and more tips are shared in a thread i made up on "tourist photography" located here:

i shot tonight with my sony f828 and my canon 10d. i have many shots to proof and process, but here are a few i'd like to share.

all of the shots got essentially the treatment described in my nightshot post-processing tutorial:

also a couple things to remember: carefully review your shots for blown areas, it's easy to blow the lights when shooting at night. shoot in raw if you've got it, and bracket if you don't. you'll tend to need to underexpose from what your meter is reading, and for really long exposures on the sony cameras, you'll need to guage it by hand - typically f/4 for 2-3 seconds at twilight and add more time as the night presses on.

i shot at the tower bridge, one of the most famous and picturesque of london's bridges, it's located just next to the tower of london.

sony f828, tripod mounted. shot in raw, converted in ps cs. exposure details: 4/10ths second, f/2.8, iso 64, 28mm focal length. in post, slight curves adjustment, noise removal for sky and water. i shot wide open, i did not want the star points on the lights. i would have liked to have had my nd8 filter, i could have then gone with a longer exposure, which would have smoothed out the water much like it is in the next shot, taken with my dslr. reminder to self: bring along the nd filters next time

canon 10d, tripod mounted. shot in raw, converted in ps cs. exposure details: 10 seconds, f/22, iso 100. in post, curves adjustment. a much longer exposure, though shot not far off in time from the sony shot.

part of the london skyline, you can see the famous "gherkin" building, some say it's shaped like a big pickle, others see it differently ...

sony f828, handheld, resting on a railing. shot in jpg. exposure details: 3/4s second, f/2.8, iso 64, focal length ~ 60mm. in post, some color adjustment, shay's pf remover ( to remove a slight purple from the lights in the foreground.

the tower of london, that famous prison.

canon 10d, 16-35L f/2.8 aboard. 2 secs, f/4, negative ec of 1 2/3s. in post, my standard b&w conversion:

here's that pickle again, popping up behind the tower of london.

canon 10d, 16-35L f/2.8 aboard. 2secs, f/4.

enjoy (nightshots in a foreign city)

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