Night HS camera..comments please

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Re: Night HS camera..comments please

kevinwojo wrote:

Who said you can't use flash and monopod for a night football game?
In the seven years and six high schools I've photographed for,
there has been no issues for me (one of the games was a 5A state
championship). I have also used flash for H.S. basketball,
volleyball, baseball, and softball, since the lighting in the
gymnasiums and fields are awful here in central Florida. The
action and adreline is so high for those kids, a little flash will
not affect them (especially football).

That's what I was told when I signed my liability release :((
That goes for the "pros" also.

You have some really good action shots, but a touch of flash would
really set them off. I noticed as the sun went away, so did the
faces of the kids. Strobe adds that extra light to fill in those
shadows. Seeing facial expressions gives the images more

Getting shots after half time is a pain in the !! I'm trying to keep composition and quality so I don't have to do a great deal of post processing especially working on decreasing noise...timely part of workflow. I know the key is to prevent underexposing but it's darn tough while trying to keep adequate shutter speed.

Just a couple samples here:

Your D2H, 70-200 f2.8, strobe, and monopod is a good setup for
doing night football. I would have said great setup, but I am a
Canon guy (just kidding, Nikon is just as good).

Each camera has it's strengths and weakness...I'm not one to knock one brand over's the person hitting the shutter button that makes the biggest difference.....thanks...Yvonne

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