What is your favourite trick?

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Re: Two portrait tricks...

Julio wrote:

Easy, realistic skin smoothing:
1. Channel mixer adjustment layer - just click ok without any
changes - set mode to luminosity and reopen the adjustment layer.
2. Clheck monochrome; red 70%, Green 25% Blue 0% (total=95%)
3. On the channel mixer mask use a black brush to remove the effect
from the eyes, lips and any other areas you want .
Conversely... If you want to deliberately coarsen... make the
adjustment in step 2 be Red 0%, Green 35%, Blue 70% (total=105%)

I've done similar things with the red channel to smooth skin tone, but never tried to deliberately coarsen it. That looks pretty awesome. Now if I just had a picture of someone I didn't really like.

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