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Re: A little more focused

ajay kumar wrote:

I like the effect obtained by:

USM Amount 15-30.
Radius 250 (max)
threshold 0

This acts like a sort of haze filter. It improves the quality of
almost ALL the pictures I have tried this on. Sort of adds clarity
/ pop to the pic.

I read it elsewhere, can't remebber where though.
Try it sometime.


The above settings are fairly commonly used, I personally try USM 20, Radius 50 and threshold 0. This results in effects very similar to duping the layer and running soft/hard light blend on it. The haze filter is actually a little different, and is a combination of very high USM (150 or more), very low radius (less than 1) and 0 threshold.

Many different ways to skin the cat in photoshop, whatever works for you is good.

Best wishes,


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