What is your favourite trick?

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Re: A little more focused

I like the effect obtained by:

USM Amount 15-30.
Radius 250 (max)
threshold 0

This acts like a sort of haze filter. It improves the quality of almost ALL the pictures I have tried this on. Sort of adds clarity / pop to the pic.

I read it elsewhere, can't remebber where though.
Try it sometime.

Primus wrote:

Quick fix for the ones ever so slightly OOF: Duplicate layer, run
Filter> Other> highpass (setting of 6-10 should do it), change blend
mode to Overlay (or hard/soft light for greater/lesser effect).
Adjust opacity as needed. This also makes the picture 'pop'. Play
around with the filter settings and opacity. Works well as a
sharpening tool too.

Increase contrast: Duplicate layer, change blend mode to soft
light, adjust opacity.

Fine sharpening after above: Run unsharp mask at 150, 0.5-0.7, 0
for a subtle effect.


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