Biggest news since 1994 from canon on sept 5.

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Adam-T wrote:

they are dropping film bodies and switching to digital.

Now that Ilford are in receivership (a sad day in photography as
they were makers of the best B&W film) and proper B&W processing is
through the roof, DSLRs are affordable and you can buy decent
compact Digicams for next to nothing, I don't see any reason
whatsoever why 35mm film has to exist anymore - it'll be just
Medium format and Digital and even then, 6X4.5 is looking very
shaky indeed..

When someone modded a camera to take cheap Cine film (which is what
35mm really is) they stumbled across something wonderful but it's
about time the grainy format was laid to rest..

That's all well and fine but there are more than just a few top name pros who use certain all-mechnical Nikon fIlm bodies in cold weather or at high altitude. The reasons are many but one is telling an editor at National Geographic that you missed the shot because all your batteries are dead is never going to be an excuse.

There are plenty of us who are still using film and need to.

On Monday I did a trail run of Mt. Whitney in California. I got to the 14,497 foot summit over 2 hours earlier than planned and was greeted by a cold but brilliant sunrise. Even an hour later the windchill was still in the 20's. I watched every single digital camera user run out of juice with thier wind exposed rig as I kept shooting, and shooting, and shooting.

Until they can get us true limit pushing pros a rig that will be ultra low power and extremely cold resistant, we will DEMAND film be produced.

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