Biggest news since 1994 from canon on sept 5.

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New pricing structure


Maybe it will be a new pricing structure.

Most people (except the rich and those who's company bought their camera) agree that there is far too high a price gap between the lower end of the SLR market and the upper end.

from $999 for the 300D
$1450 for the new 20D

[big gap inserted here]

then we have the 1DII at $4500
and a rather outdated 1Ds at over $6000

I wouldn't be surprised to see the top end drop to $3000 and $4500 respectively.

and I know. The pro's who's boss bought them their 1D(x) will say "no way", well, it's pretty obvious on these here forums that many many people would happily dish out $3000 for the MII, but very few $4500. Think of all that money that can be made by capturing these customers. And besides, rumour has it a massive nikon is on the way so here is further reasons.

My 2cents worth anyway. It would be massive news, especially if it coinsided with a new 1Ds.

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