Biggest news since 1994 from canon on sept 5.

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No obvious reason to dump EF

Steven Noyes wrote:

And going with a new, and incompatible, mount using optical
coupling for data communication and magnetic power coupling.

I know you are joking but to calm fears I would say that I cannot see any reason to dump the EF mount system, ever (apart from a change in sensor size). Mechanical lens/camera interfaces needed a new lever to be added to the interface every time a new feature was added. By changing to EOS canon made the mount future-proof because new communication features can be added in software. Cameras or lenses that do not use the new feature just ignore the codes (like reporting focusing distance).

Even the the things you suggest could be added in parallel with the existing connectors. So nobody needs to panic.

I predict that Canon will keep the EOS system as long as there are interchangeable lenses and a 36x24mm image size. In the very long term every lens sold will have a free digital camera glued to the back.

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