Biggest news since 1994 from canon on sept 5.

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Death by lens mount?

I'm going to guess the EF mount will expire before you do (unless the press release announcing it kills you), but the adoption rate of new mount technology tends to be slow. There are still people out there with a collection of FD lenses who can't bring themselves to upgrade. So you probably could live out the rest of your life with your MkII and EF lens collection. The big catch is when the EF mount cameras get too old to repair economically. Then life gets tough. But look on the bright side, you might be dead before that happens. ;^)


Juli Valley wrote:

I'm old enough to hope the EF mounts will last my shooting lifetime
or at least the life of my camera body. I've got so much invested
in good glass. I didn't have money invested in FDs except for one
lone zoom when the shift to EF mount came. This forum as gotten me
into so much trouble. LOL.

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