Biggest news since 1994 from canon on sept 5.

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David McGaughey Senior Member • Posts: 2,246
no they aren't

Aren't they saying this is the biggest change since 1994, which is NOT when EOS was introduced?

Camera Dog wrote:
they are saying that this announcement is the biggest since EOS
came about. If they said bigger than, then I would be worried
about a mount change.

maybe a series of L lenses for the 1.3 crop (sort of a new mount) -
but if the 1Ds II remains full frame, that wouldn't make sense.

at least we don't have to wait for PMA!

David McGaughey wrote:
The EOS system came into being in the 80s.

If Canon said this is the biggest deal since EOS came about, then
I'd be concerned.

I'm still confused as to why the EOS-1n is so significant. Wouldn't
the EOS-1 be a bigger deal, since it was the first 1-series SLR?

Tom Melanson wrote:
come to think of it, it is also true the the EOS-1 was also
introduced in early 1994 when the FD mount was dropped and the new
system came into being.
So, Steven, do you actually think what you mentioned in jest could
actually happen?
Say it isn't so!

Steven Noyes wrote:
And going with a new, and incompatible, mount using optical
coupling for data communication and magnetic power coupling.


mathias wrote:

Canon called our store today and invited our owners to stockholm on
the 5th of september, saying they were going to announce the
biggest news since 1994.

I have no idea what, but it's not the 20D and hopefully it was just
not to get our attention.... we'll see.

1Ds mark II???

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