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You should read the rules below and understand them before posting

  1. Digital photography Review is not responsible for any transactions and we will not get involved in disputes. Anyone choosing to conduct any sort of transaction with another member on dpreview.com does so at his or her own risk and expense.
  2. This forum is provided for PRIVATE, personal sales only. Absolutely no commercial advertising will be tolerated, and offenders will be banned immediately.
  3. NO off-topic threads. All threads must contain an item to Buy, Sell, or Trade. Do not create threads to offer feedback or to ask for references (use the PM system).
  4. No Auctions. All items offered for sale must list a listing price. You are welcome to post links to your own eBay auctions.
  5. You may not link to shops, stores, or other forums.  We also do not allow any kind of referral URLs, and use of these will get you banned.
  6. Thread titles must accurately describe the item(s) in the listing or they will be deleted. Do not title threads 'You gotta see this bargain!' etc. Every thread title must start with the words FOR SALE, WANTED, or TRADE. Posts containing links to auctions should make this clear in the title (For example, 'FOR SALE: Canon EOS 60D (eBay)'). You may use the abbreviation FS: in For Sale thread titles only.
  7. Each user can start one thread in a 24-hour period. If you have multiple items for sale, list them all in one thread or post one a day.
  8. The usual forum rules apply. We will delete any threads we deem to be breaking the rules, and you will be banned from posting here again.
  9. This forum is for Buy, Sale or Trade of photography-related items only. Do not list non-photography-related items or you will be banned from this forum.
  10. Permitted items: Cameras and camera-related equipment (lenses, accessories, lighting equipment), computers, computer peripherals, printers, books.
  11. Sales of the following items are not permitted: Software licences, services, data, photographs, property, anything illegal, pornographic or otherwise in contravention of the published Terms of Use.
  12. You may only advertise for sale items that you legally own and can legally sell. Any For Sale posting deemed to break these rules will be deleted, and we will err on the side of caution.
  13. Commenting on pricing by anyone except the seller is not allowed - if you consider the price is too high, don't buy it, or make a lower offer. You are free to use the PM system to discuss pricing.
  14. Once your item(s) are sold you must add a 'SOLD' post to the thread. Buyer and Seller feedback may be added to the thread but the usual forum rules regarding flaming etc will be applied. Sold threads will eventually be locked by the admins. Sellers who do not mark items as sold may be banned from this forum.
  15. Excessive bumping of threads (posts that are not direct replies to questions) is not allowed and may result in deletion of threads.