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Slideshow: Photography Hall of Fame awards four women 2023 honors

Today the International Photography Hall of Fame will induct three women and award one more in their 2023 ceremony. Here are their photos and stories.

Stop pixel peeping and start printing: How to plan your first photo book

Photo books are easier to make and sell than ever, but how do you create one that will resonate with you and your readers? Here are some tips and ideas to get you started on your first book.

Slideshow: CEWE Photo Award 2023 winners highlight how "our world is beautiful"

CEWE, one of Europe's leading photo printing providers, announced the winners of its annual CEWE Photo Awards contest, which drew over 500,000 submissions from 147 countries. View the winners of the contest's ten categories.

How To Step Up Your Auto Photography: Circular Polarizers

Taking a good photo of a car is more challenging than it seems. Luckily, there are tricks to make it easy, and the first trick is the circular polarizer. We explain how to use a polarizer to add drama to your automotive photos.

2023 Wildlife Photographer of the Year sneak peek: 'Highly Commended' images released

The UK's Natural History Museum, organizers of the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and exhibition, have released a batch of Highly Commended photos from this year's competition. Winners will be announced in early October.

Supermoon photo tips: Be ready for a blue supermoon on Aug. 30th, 2023

Fans of lunar photography will be in for a treat as August sees yet another full moon on the 31st. However, it's no ordinary full moon, it's a 'blue supermoon.'

Landscape Composition - Part 9: One Idea to Rule them All

Nature Photographer Erez Marom goes hands-on with a simple idea that could help landscape photographers achieve good compositions in the field.

Behind the Photo: Rhynna M. Santos on capturing pleasant surprises in the Bronx

A large turtle and some good timing came together to create this "quintessential Bronx moment"

ON1 Photo Keyword AI 2023 Hands On

Can an AI tool do a better job of applying keywords to your photos? Or are you like most photographers who don't even bother with keywording? ON1 Photo Keyword AI is a new utility that promises to take over the drudgery of adding keywords so you can start editing quicker.

Behind the Photo: Tara Wray's 'Cat Cheese'

The photographer and filmmaker shares how she captured an utterly adorable shot.

Behind the Photo: Edwina Hay on capturing The Hives' return to NYC

Concert photographer Edwina Hay shares how she got some epic images of The Hives performing live, and shares some insight into how to shoot a concert.

Fireworks 101: How to take great fireworks photos, even if you're a beginner

If you've got a tripod, you're well on your way to taking excellent firework photos. We've got some tips for absolute beginners and those who are looking to try something a little different.

Behind the Photo: Jon Enoch's 'Candy Men'

The commercial photographer shares the story behind his award-winning portrait series set on the streets of Mumbai, India.

Slideshow: 2023 Milky Way Photographer of the Year winners

Capture the Atlas recently announced the winning entries of its Milky Way Photographer of the Year competition.

Behind the Photo: Andrew Marttila's catnip portraits

Instagram's own @iamthecatphotographer on the magic of giving cats a little bit of nip.

Behind the Photo: Brad Deel's creative athlete portraits

Known for creating iconic sports photos with high school athletes, Brad Deel talks about his famous flaming tennis ball shot.

World Press Photo winners announced

Associated Press photographer Evgeniy Maloletka earns top honor for image of emergency workers tending to a pregnant woman in Ukraine.

Slideshow: Winners of the World Photography Organization’s 2023 Awards

The World Photography Organization has announced the winners and finalists for the Regional and National Awards 2023.

Orion and the Aurora: how to photograph these wonders of the winter night sky

While peak Milky Way season is on hiatus, there are other night sky wonders to focus on. We look at the Orion constellation and Northern Lights, which are prevalent during the winter months.

Our favorite photos we shot in 2022

Here at DPReview we spend a lot of time on gear-focused topics, but we're all in this business because we love photography, so we asked DPReview staffers to share one of their favorite personal photos from 2022. Check out this slideshow to see what they picked.

Video Game Photography in the 2020s: We've come a long way since the PS2

A multitude of games feature photography-simulation modes that let you create unique, realistic images of scenes, races, cars, and avatars and can render at stunning 4K resolutions. But can these games help you take better pictures?

Behind the Photo: Tod Seelie on capturing tall bike jousting

Photojournalist Tod Seelie has been photographing New York City's Bike Kill since the earliest days. Here's how he captures the bonkers bicycle action in his work.

One Thing: How do you stay organized and archive all your photographs and videos? Let's trade tips

When it comes to workflow, organization, and archiving years of accumulated photos and videos, everyone has their own system. DPReview's Jason Hendardy highlights a few items that have worked for him throughout the years, while also asking our community to share their approaches and what's been working for them.

One Thing: A fear of flash flirted with failure

The world of photography and video is filled with tools and gadgets that promise to take your visuals to the next level. DPReview's Shaminder Dulai reflects on a time he listened to the tools and advanced his photojournalism.

Behind the Photo: Justin Franz’s railroad photography

How can you get spectacular photos of trains? We talked to Justin Franz, a talented photographer about how he got this one amazing shot, and how you can up your railroad photography game.

A Pink Bear in Mongolia: How Paul Robinson hit the steppes with a colorful character

Paul Robinson, also known as LUAP, takes his Pink Bear costume all over the world, documenting it in extreme and fascinating settings. This year, he took the Bear to the rough and tumble world of rural Mongolia, spending 10 days on horseback, to get some incredible shots.

Hit the pavement: 5 lessons landscape photographers can learn from street photography

Sometimes, a change of scenery makes all the difference. Here's how shooting streets helped Australian landscape photographer Mitch Green up his game when out in nature.

Five landscape photography lessons I wish I had known five years ago

Landscape photography is a continuous pursuit of refinement and growth. In this article, Australian landscape photographer Mitch Green shares five important lessons he wishes he had learned years ago.

OM System OM-1: An adventurous camera and the right tool for the job

Chris Niccolls of DPReview TV has two passions: cameras and fishing. Both pursuits require the right gear, and the OM System OM-1 might just be the perfect tackle to land that adventure assignment of a lifetime.

For photographers who enjoy video games, a pair of upcoming PlayStation games look great

Photography has long played an important role in various video games. A pair of games hitting PlayStation next month utilize photography in very different ways. 35mm is a post-apocalyptic horror game in which the player freezes time with a 35mm film camera. Gran Turismo 7, on the other hand, uses advanced technology to let the player capture beautiful, realistic photos of cars at stunning locations around the world.

Legendary civil rights photographer Steve Schapiro passes away at 87

Steve Schapiro, known for his memorable Civil Rights photojournalism, died on Saturday at age 87 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Video: Watch how a Nat Geo wildlife photographer selects his best image from a photoshoot

While he usually photographs wild cats, wildlife photographer Steve Winter was tasked by WIRED to photograph a domestic cat in a city studio. After shooting 112 images, how does Winter select his single best image?

Slideshow: Winners of the Hasselblad Masters 2021 competition

The winners of the 80th annual Hasselblad Masters photography competition were announced today. Here's a gallery featuring the winners from each of the categories.

Sony is now the official imaging products provider for Gannett's 250 national and local outlets, including USA Today

Gannett, which owns hundreds of national and local news publications in the US, including USA Today, has announced a partnership with Sony to provide its photo and video journalists with Sony camera equipment.

Erez Marom: On Originality in Landscape Photography

In this article, landscape photographer Erez Marom explains how he thinks about the concept of originality in landscape photography, and how the creation of unique images is still possible, even in over-shot locations.

Some of the oldest American photographs were found in a workshop in New York

Henry Fitz Jr., Alexander Wolcott and John Johnson were among the first to capture daguerreotypes in the United States. Their early images are believed to be some of the oldest in American history.

Slideshow: 2021 Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners and finalists

The winners and finalists for the 2021 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, put on by the Natural History Museum, were recently announced.

Video: First-ever look at crystals forming in real-time at atomic resolution

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have observed salt crystals forming in real-time at the atomic level for the first time.

The Beginning of Photography: The Drama of 1839

The year 1839 began with the announcement that people could make permanent pictures. But it was the middle of that year before anyone (other than the few inventors) really could. And the drama involved meant that for quite a while after 1839, some people couldn't.

Slideshow: Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2021 winners and finalists

The South Australian Museum recently announced the winners and finalists for the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2021 competition.

Slideshow: Ocean Photography Awards 2021 finalists

We’ve rounded up the finalists for the 2021 Ocean Photography Awards, which were recently announced.

Roger Cicala: Imaging before photography - a history lesson (Part 1)

A decade ago I wrote some articles on the history of photography. Now I'm writing an eBook. Slowly... In the meantime, Barney and I thought we'd post the first chapter here on DPReview to see if anyone would be interested. Anyone other than me and Barney.

Video: Relaxing shutter sounds from 18 cameras is ASMR for photographers

Photographer Sails Chong has access to a very diverse collection of cameras. He's recorded their sounds in a new, hypnotic video.

Days Inn offers a $10,000 payday and free travel within the U.S. to a talented photographer

Days Inn by Wyndham has brought back its 'Sunternship' program for 2021. This August, a selected photographer will be paid $10,000 and have their travel expenses covered during a customizable two-week trip within the United States.

How an artist pretended to be a European socialite to capture photos of luxurious NYC apartments

A recent article in Architectural Digest shares how Hungarian artist Andi Shmied used a bit of social engineering to capture photographs of some of New York City’s most opulent pieces of real estate.

Photography-themed playing cards take a gamble on Kickstarter

The Dutch Card House Company launches a set of neat playing cards with a fun photography theme.

Shutterstock’s $74M TurboSquid acquisition could change the landscape of stock photography

The purchase expands Shutterstock's offerings, positioning it as a marketplace for customers who are embracing computer-generated 2D images over traditional stock photography.

SkyPixel announces 6th annual drone photo and video contest

SkyPixel has announced their 6th annual drone photography and videography competition.

Photographer captures the highest resolution snowflake photos in the world

Nathan Myhrvold designed a custom camera built around a 100MP medium format image sensor to capture beautiful, detailed microscopic images of snowflakes. You've seen snow, but perhaps not quite like this.

DPReview TV: The episode in which we encourage you to play with fire

We realize it's not the conventional wisdom, but you should probably go play with fire. Why? Because, from fire comes art. Tell your mom we said it's OK.

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