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Finished (3 challenges)
Entries: 322
Winners announced: 6th August, 2014 GMT
Winner: I'm not lost, I'm just finding my own path
With the immense response to Candids and street photography,I'd like to welcome you all to a very easy topic,which can be very tough to handle. Show us your best street shots.
Entries: 203
Winners announced: 23rd July, 2014 GMT
Winner: Cambodian Woman
Show us a portrait,that captures the culture of a land.Wedding and studio portraits are not permitted.
Entries: 14
Winners announced: 16th July, 2014 GMT
Winner: my wife,s face
Start from any anatomical structure from the gross to microscopic level.Macro shots of physiological or pathological specimens are accepted.Experiment with the frame and try to think for shots that shows us our human body like we have never seen before.You may also submit histological specimens,cells in the blood film,x rays, ct scans and much more.