All senses

Challenge series hosted by JClaude. Challenges start on Mondays.
The goal is to excite all our senses with visual imagery, with photography.
Finished (7 challenges)
Entries: 239
Winners announced: 26th October, 2009 GMT
Winner: Warning! curves ahead
Women, sexy...let us have it!! Be sensible with your photo choice, there is a fine line between "sexy" and plain "porn/nudity"
Entries: 58
Winners announced: 19th October, 2009 GMT
Winner: The Soldier
This one goes for those of you serving in the military, anywhere in the world. Let us know of your military life through your eyes. Journalistic/reportage style preferred. Use discretion/sense for the violent/mature content of your images.
Entries: 99
Winners announced: 12th October, 2009 GMT
Winner: The Gardner's Shed
You have walked miles in them, been through happy moments and sad ones, they are old, cracked and scrapped...but they fit you like a glove and give you comfort.
Entries: 115
Winners announced: 5th October, 2009 GMT
Winner: a quick kiss
You can transmit a lot of emotion with a kiss, capture that emotion. Remember the famous "Time Square Kiss" ? Well show us your "kiss"
Entries: 150
Winners announced: 28th September, 2009 GMT
Winner: Firebird
Post-processing or retouching can make or break an image. It can also save others. HRD, smudge, subtle or heavy, it comes in all flavors. Our own "Retouching" forum is a very active little corner of DPR but most of us here at DPR like to do post-processing and retouching.
2. Chrome
Entries: 263
Winners announced: 7th September, 2009 GMT
Winner: Mercury
Shows us shiny metal, specially if it has a lot of reflections. From car bumpers to pieces of art, chrome and metal reflections always catch the eye.. what caught your eye?
Entries: 74
Winners announced: 24th August, 2009 GMT
Winner: Chilli Chocolate!
Chocolate is a source of many sensations, from desire, comfort, fun to gluttony. Tempt us with your chocolate images.