Old School

Challenge series hosted by streetphoto. Challenges start on Thursdays.
This series will feature challenges based on old school learning techniques, such as using specific focal lengths, looking for contrast (both black and white as well as color), using shadows or silhouettes, and shooting specific scene features. I hope everyone will enjoy this challenge series. I look forward to seeing everyone's photos.
Finished (13 challenges)
Entries: 25
Winners announced: 24th August, 2017 GMT
Winner: Petals
Please show us your color close-up flower portraits. Let it fill the frame, live large, be huge, in our face! Doesn't have to be truly 1:1 macro, but should not be from afar, and shouldn't show much, if any background.
Entries: 25
Winners announced: 17th August, 2017 GMT
Winner: Fascia walkie talkie building London
Nothing better than using other people's work for a great photo! Let's see photos that use the lines, planes, colors, textures, and shapes of architectural structures to create a great shot. This is less about taking a formal portrait of a structure than showing your creativity. Skewed lines, parts of buildings, it's all good!
Entries: 35
Winners announced: 10th August, 2017 GMT
Winner: Living Dangerously at the Horseshoe Bend-4643
Forget the Rule of Thirds! Forget the Center! Let's live life on the edge! Show us your shots of the subject either positioned on the edge, or even cut off of the edge!
Entries: 25
Winners announced: 3rd August, 2017 GMT
Winner: Underside of a leafe
Let's check out your photos that use texture as its main photographic tool. Maybe the roughness of concrete, or the softness of a flower petal. Textures can give us the warm fuzzies or totally freak us out. Make us want to reach out and touch it for ourselves!
Entries: 25
Winners announced: 27th July, 2017 GMT
Winner: Asilah
Cozy corners. Your own little space in the world. Off to the side - a place to hide. Up high, down low. Anywhere but front and center. Let's see shots where your main subject gets a time-out in the corner, but still shines! Show us a lot of negative space, dare us to get close to the edge!
Entries: 35
Winners announced: 20th July, 2017 GMT
Winner: no winner
Not wildly wide, not nicely normal. That's why thirty-five is alive! Show us your color photos taken with a 35mm full frame equivalent lens. For practical purposes, since zooms are not totally accurate, 30-40mm full frame equivalent is acceptable (15-20mm for m43 and 20-27mm for APS-C).
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 3rd April, 2014 GMT
Winner: San Francisco Escalator
Big noses, big foreground, big, well, big whatever! let's see your wide angle shots. We're talking wide! 24mm or wider in full frame equivalent terms. Let's try to use the wide angle lens in all its glory, whether it is to exaggerate perspective, or as a close-up lens with big foreground, or create great distortion. Let's get WAY WIDE!
Entries: 42
Winners announced: 27th March, 2014 GMT
Winner: The Bulb
Let's go long! Isolate that subject... get tight, get big! This challenge is open to photos taken with a short telephoto lens. This means focal lengths between 75-135mm in full frame equivalent. Let's see that perspective compression and razor thin DOF... go TOTALLY TELE.... just don't get carpel tunnel holding those big lenses.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 20th March, 2014 GMT
Winner: :)
I always feel silhouettes have a secret to hide. What are they looking at? What are they thinking? Are they smiling? Crying? Frowning? Happy? Sad? Who the heck really knows? I think that's part of the power of silhouettes... they introduce mystery into the frame. Let's see your shots with no-name faces... shhhhh... go get some secret silhouettes.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 13th March, 2014 GMT
Winner: Zebras repetition
Repetition is an essential compositional tool that is fun to use, and adds strength to any shot, whether it is used as leading lines, to emphasize a subject, as a poetic refrain, or just cuz you darn well felt like it. Let's see your repetition shots... if one is good, more is better!
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 6th March, 2014 GMT
Winner: Golden Wheat
Color photography that utilizes colors of the same family throughout the shot. NOT Black and White photography. I.e. Blue car shot against a blue wall, or Orange house against an orange sunset sky are ok, as long as your subject is in the same color family as the background. Please do NOT use photoshop to replace colors. Let's all go for monochrome madness!
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 27th February, 2014 GMT
Winner: IMG_2020
Shots using strong color contrast, complementary colors are best. Red/Green, Blue/Orange are just some ideas. Let's see some creative craziness. One of my favorite photographers that use this technique is Harald Mante. Please see his work for some ideas.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 20th February, 2014 GMT
Winner: 8021606953_9f6be7ab9d_k
Photos taken with a 50mm lens in full frame equivalent. For example, a 50mm lens on full frame, 35mm lens on APS-C, 25mm on micro 43, etc are all fine. Although I would prefer that you use a prime lens, zooms set to a 50mm equivalent focal length are ok as well. Many outstanding photographers have shot with a 50mm lens. The best ones use the 50mm as either a short telephoto, or a long...