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Photographing is all about making the picture speak to you, through feelings, past experiences a such. Make you pictures appealing and meaningful
Finished (4 challenges)
Entries: 500
Winners announced: 30th August, 2009 GMT
Winner: Orissa, India Lady
Haven't you seen a picture were you have the feeling it stares right back at you? Doesn't everybody remember the famous "Afghan girl" from Nationatl Geographic? Communicate with us through the eyes of somebody. Don't be afraid to do some heavy cropping.
3. Holding
Entries: 53
Winners announced: 23rd August, 2009 GMT
Winner: Mama will keep baby cosy and warm...
Holding hands, holding children, holding each other...Holding objects of meaningful sentimental value will also be allowed, as long as explained the emotional link to such.
Entries: 112
Winners announced: 16th August, 2009 GMT
Winner: Small Mercies
In a time where violence sells, we need inspiration from others, to do better ourselves. Show someone being kind to another, wheter a friend, a family, a stranger, or an animal.
1. Kisses
Entries: 137
Winners announced: 9th August, 2009 GMT
Winner: Big Kiss
Kisses may be the sign of politeness, habit, affection, tradition or love (among many others). Show us the true feeling of being kissed (or to kiss someone), and make us wish we were in the photo.