When photography is a passion

Challenge series hosted by KingshukB. Challenges start on Saturdays.
Give me your best shoot in the below challenges.
Finished (10 challenges)
Entries: 48
Winners announced: 16th November, 2013 GMT
Winner: North Korea - Standing Guard
Submit your best captured photos, of some photographers who is taking pictures in a place where photography is strictly prohibited.
Entries: 184
Winners announced: 9th November, 2013 GMT
Winner: Delaney
Submit your best captured photograph of a female photographer you have meet in the street or any place. The photographer can be in action or sit idle or stand alone or doing something with equipments. but her photography equipments(lens,camera,flash..etc) should be visible properly.
Entries: 20
Winners announced: 2nd November, 2013 GMT
Winner: 1
Give me your best shots captured of the most famous festival of india i.e. Durga Puja of this year(2013). the Main Idol(Ma Durga) should be visible partially or fully.
Entries: 9
Winners announced: 26th October, 2013 GMT
Winner: Debi Dasavuja !
Submit your best shot captured of Ma durga, the famous idol of the famous festival of bengal,india
Entries: 83
Winners announced: 19th October, 2013 GMT
Winner: Lady
Give me your best shoot captured of a female walking on the street with wearing modern outfits
Entries: 10
Winners announced: 12th October, 2013 GMT
Winner: Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata
Submit your best shoot of Victoria Memorial Hall resides in india or The Victoria Memorial at London.
Entries: 66
Winners announced: 5th October, 2013 GMT
Winner: Around The Bend
Simple, just submit your best shot captured by a medium format camera. anything as portrait, landscapes are acceptable.
Entries: 60
Winners announced: 28th September, 2013 GMT
Winner: Havana Grandma
Give me your best shot captured of a woman(age is not an issue) who is smoking. Object and the theme should be properly visible as the center of interest in the photograph. Smoke and the related objects(eg. Ciggerate) should be properly visible.
Entries: 53
Winners announced: 21st September, 2013 GMT
Winner: waiting
Give me your best shoot captured in a mirror of any female(human only)
Entries: 220
Winners announced: 14th September, 2013 GMT
Winner: Spider
Give me your best shoot using a small F-stop (atleast f/2.8), ON any object, use your creativity to obtain some story in the photograph.preferable with high contrast and rich details.