Ordinary People

Challenge series hosted by aleatory. Challenges start on Sundays.
This series explores the quality of people in their formative moment. Different challenges will host a diverse range by occupation, enjoyment and environment of the subject. Different challenges may also explore both photos by chance and photos by plan.
Finished (2 challenges)
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 5th May, 2013 GMT
Winner: Tica 1
The last challenge in this series was portraits of photographers, restricted to a studio setup. This next challenge is to submit captures of photographers in action by another photographer. Self portraits in a mirror will be disqualified.
Entries: 14
Winners announced: 21st April, 2013 GMT
Winner: Me
This challenge accepts photographs that are planned captures with studio setup of the subject with their equipment (Camera and/or Darkroom and/or with samples of their photos). The subject must be a film based photographer (35mm, medium or large format.) The submission can be of film or digital origin.